A Moment Of Clarity

I am excited to share that yesterday was my 4th year of sobriety. The day had almost passed without me realizing. It wasn’t until I received a message from my father congratulating me that I knew the significance of the day. This makes me feel great because I know this is a part of me now. During this time I have seen many people come and go. There is not a day that goes by where I am not thankful for finding another way of life.

Back-bending the Spine

“All backward bending heals the spine” -Mary Jarvis.


With a lifetime of unsupported forward folding ahead of us, we must remember the importance of backward bending. Back-bending the spine can relieve back pain by counteracting the damage of poor posture, it also helps with digestive function, and relieves stress! Opening the heart chakra through a backward bend has many emotional benefits including reducing fear and allowing you to live in the present moment 🖤. Next time you’re experiencing back pain or discomfort try something new by backward bending your spine instead of forward rounding.