Meditation On The Four Powers

Last night I was taught a meditation on the 4 Powers ⚡️ Something I appreciate about this technique is that it is accessible to all people, from beginner to experienced practitioner. After finding a comfortable seated position in a quiet place, close your eyes and bring your awareness to the breath. Inhale, exhale, rising, and falling.


The first step of this meditation is to simply remember. Remember the golden rule, the principle of treating others the way which you would hope to be treated. Attempt to cultivate a sense of compassion for all beings. In Buddhist traditions, the qualities of Dharma, the Buddha, and the Sangha, or community are practiced.


The second step of this technique is regret. Regret any harm you have caused, with an honest desire to not repeat this harm again. This step is not to make you feel guilt, or remorse, but rather as a tool to recognize where you could have done better.


Next, we apologize and make our best attempt to right the wrong. The third step is repair. From my experience I have recognized several different approaches when it comes to making amends. At times, it may be best to contact whoever it is you have harmed and meet them in person. If finances are involved those better be payed too 💸 Be prepared! I have encountered a few occasions in my life where the other person was not ready to speak, or meet face to face. Times like this may call for a living amends, where you have recognized your wrong and make a firm decision to not repeat your mistake. These are all suitable ways to correct wrong past behavior.


The last part of the 4 Powers technique is resolve. We mindfully ask ourselves, “what can I do to avoid making this mistake again?” If you have taken an honest approach with the first 3 steps the answer is sure to come. Sometimes when we feel a disturbance with a person, or thing, we have failed to recognize our own role in the conflict. Through this awareness we are able to resolve these conflicts and the highest states of freedom are experienced.


Thank you Michael Johnson for sharing the Meditation on the 4 Powers with this community.


May all beings be happy, may all beings be free. Om ॐ.

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