Anapana Meditation

If you are interested in meditation but not sure where to begin, the technique of Anapana is a simple and practical way to achieve stillness of the mind. During Anapana meditation the natural breath is observed as it comes in, and as it goes out. To begin find a comfortable seated position, relax the abdomen, and keep a straight spine. Bring your awareness to the space beneath the nostrils and above the upper lip. Observe the breath as it gently enters and exits the nostrils, rising and falling. You may notice very subtle physical sensations begin to arise. This may be experienced as warm, cold, tingling, or even numb. Whatever your experience may be, remember to keep your awareness with the breath and observe objectively. I recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes at first, and working your way up to an hour. Regular practice of Anapana meditation will bring happiness to your heart by developing concentration and mastery of the mind. Benefits of Anapana meditation may include an increase in concentration, improved quality of sleep, calmness of the mind, and sharper memory!

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