Steady and Comfortable

Yoga asana should be steady and comfortable 🧘🏼‍♂️. Stillness can be found in the postures by maintaining awareness of the breath while the body’s muscle groups remain active 💪🏻. In Standing Head-to-Knee pose, the legs create a solid foundation for the upper body when you distribute your weight forward and pull up on the thighs. Use Mula Bandha by finding a slight lift in the pelvic floor, and activate Uddiyana Bandha by pulling the lower belly in then upward towards the heart. Next, flex your toes back towards your face, then use your strength to pull your elbow points down to squeeze your calf muscle. The final stage of the pose is to pull your shoulders away from the ears, round your spine, and touch your forehead to your knee. Although this pose may seem intimidating at first, strong determination combined with a gentle focus on the breath will bring you success with touching the forehead to the knee 🧠.

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