Uddiyana Bandha

This year I have been working on finding stability in my yoga postures with the support of Bandhas 🔒. Uddiyana Bandha refers to the upward energy of the diaphragm, stomach, and abdomen. This can be achieved by exhaling all of the air from the lungs, drawing the navel in and up, and creating suction which pulls the organs upwards expanding the chest. Uddiyana Bandha, or the Upward Lock, can help you float through yoga asana by contracting the lower belly and controlling the stillness of the diaphragm as it rises and falls. According to The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “Of all the Bandhas, Uddiyana is the best, for by its activation liberation comes spontaneously.” Energetically, Uddiyana Bandha guides the movement of energy upward activating the heart and throat chakras 💙. Photography by my amazing friend Philomena Polizzi 📸

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