Updated Teaching Schedule

Hello friends and family! I hope you are well. My dear friend Mark Dodds has opened a wonderful yoga studio in Deland, Fl. called District Hot Yoga. I will be leading a 75-minute JM Vinyasa on Thursday evenings at 6pm. This class is open for all levels and will utilize pranayama, asana, mantra, and meditation. At 7:30 I will lead a 60-minute Yin Yoga class designed to help you relax and sail smoothly in to the weekend. If you have any questions please send me an email! Hope to see you there!

Keep The Vision High!

Next year Rebecca and I want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Yes, from Mexico to Canada- the entire thing 🌎! The intention is set and we are pretty sure this is going to happen 👣. This means making sacrifices now so that we can enjoy ourselves next year 😆. Each day I remind myself that if I aim at nothing, I will hit that. So for now the vision must be kept high as we try out best to remain present ⛰️! #pct2020

If anything can go right, it will.

If anything can go right, it will. Rebecca shot this #dancerpose one morning during an unexpected Pisgah adventure 🌳. The day before had been consumed in a disagreement which left both of us feeling uneasy. We hopped in the van and began to drive into the forest, unsure where the day would take us. I pulled over at #lookingglassfalls and Nova began to explode with excitement. Suddenly, lingering ill feelings between us started to dissipate as the size of the mountains and waterfalls seemed far greater 🏞️. Sometimes you gotta breath new air and see new things to help you remember what is truly important 💓.

Strong Spine. Soft Front. Wild Heart.

“All too often our socalled strength comes from fear, not love; instead of having a strong back, many of us have a defended front shielding a weak spine. In other words, we walk around brittle and defensive, trying to conceal our lack of confidence. If we strengthen our backs, metaphorically speaking, and develop a spine that’s flexible but sturdy, then we can risk having a front that’s soft and open, representing choice-less compassion. The place in your body where these two meet — strong back and soft front — is the brave, tender ground in which to root our caring deeply when we begin the process of being with dying.

How can we give and accept care with strong-back, soft front compassion, moving past fear into a place of genuine tenderness? I believe it comes about when we can be truly transparent, seeing the world clearly — and letting the world see into us.” -Roshi Joan Halifax